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Published 1954

The .avi (mpeg4 codec) version of film that is already on IA:


Run time 1:15:33
Audio/Visual sound, black&white
Language English


Reviewer: slurryer - favoritefavoritefavorite - March 6, 2011
Subject: Enjoyed this predictable Classic
I enjoyed this movie, though the plot is fairly shallow. The entire cast consisted of only about 10 people and two or three locations. About 66% of this film is shot in the house on the hill. The rest is shot mostly at the train station, and immediate vicinity. Pretty standard story line, with a few well placed twists here and there. The male characters in this film make Frank Sinatra look anorectic. Even the deputy "Slim" towers over Sinatra, with a baritone voice that makes Sinatra sound like a school boy. The sheriff has such a commanding presence, he just about steels the lime light. I assume this was intentional though, to enhance Sinatra's character (a thug who feels worthless without a gun in his hand). I was actually impressed with the acting by all. Sinatra is good, but the lack of depth in the story doesn't really give him a chance to shine much. A good movie all in all.
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